Who’s Who in Turkmenistan: Petroleum Company Dossiers (Update 2012)

In an effort to provide an accurate and detailed understanding of the corporate players in Turkmenistan’s hydrocarbon sector, Crude Accountability has compiled profiles on many of the petroleum companies that are either active in the country or have expressed interest in launching operations in Turkmenistan. The dossiers are based primarily on English and Russian language news articles, press releases, company websites and, in some cases, direct correspondence with the companies.

Crude Accountability first compiled such profiles for our January 2009 report “Turkmenistan’s Crude Awakening: Oil, Gas and Environment in the South Caspian.” Over the past two years, more players have emerged on the Turkmenistan scene and more details have become known regarding the major exploration and production agreements in effect. However, it remains difficult to pinpoint details on company operations, particularly those undertaken by the numerous oilfield services companies contracted in Turkmenistan. In an attempt to shed light on some of these details, Crude Accountability sent a brief survey in summer 2010 to the companies denoted with an asterisk below, providing an opportunity for the companies to articulate the opportunities and challenges posed by investment in Turkmenistan today. Unfortunately, none of the companies responded.

Read individually, each dossier presents basic background information on the companies and the scope of their involvement in Turkmenistan, to the extent that the information is publicly available. Taken together, the dossiers speak not only to the current status of hydrocarbon development in the country, but also to the strong—and in some cases, longstanding—desire by companies to seal new deals with the government of Turkmenistan.

In this changing environment, profiles such as the ones below are certain to become outdated quickly and Crude Accountability will update this information regularly. We hope to provide an easily accessible and current overview of the petroleum sector in Turkmenistan, and welcome contributions from corporations, government, civil society and academia to this unique information portal.

Exploration and Production Companies Active in Turkmenistan

  1. Buried Hill Energy*
  2. China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)*
  3. Dragon Oil PLC (DGO)*
  4. ENI (Burren Energy PLC)*
  5. Gazprom*
  6. Itera International Group of Companies and Zarubezhneft Joint Stock Company
  7. Maersk Oil Turkmenistan BV (Operated by Wintershall)*
  8. Mitro International Limited (Austria)/Turkmennebit Consortium (The Khazar Consortium)
  9. Mubadala Development Co.
  10. Naftna Industrija Srbije
  11. Petronas Carigali (Turkmenistan) SBN BHD – PC(TC)SB*
  12. RWE

Exploration and Production Companies Courting Turkmenistan

  1. BP*
  2. Chevron*
  3. ConocoPhillips
  4. ExxonMobil
  5. International Petroleum Investment Co. (IPIC)
  6. Lukoil*
  7. Marathon Oil*
  8. OMV Group
  9. Shell*
  10. Statoil*
  11. Total*
  12. TX Oil Ltd.

Oil Services Companies Active in or Courting Turkmenistan

  1. Argus Ltd.
  2. Baker Hughes*
  3. Calik Enerji*
  4. Cameron Corporation
  5. Ceka Energy LLC*
  6. Cudd Energy Services
  7. DRC Group LLC
  8. Gulf Agency Company (GAC)
  9. Halliburton*
  10. Integra Group*
  11. International Petroleum Investment Co. (IPIC)
  12. KBR*
  13. LG International Corp.
  14. The Momentum Group
  15. Murphy Shipping & Commercial Services Inc.
  16. National Oilwell Varco
  17. Parker Drilling*
  18. Petrofac Emirates
  19. Schlumberger: Caspian Geomarket (CAG)*
  20. Scomi Group Bhd*
  21. Transocean
  22. TNK-BP*
  23. Weatherford Oil Tool Middle East Ltd.