Crude Accountability envisions a world in which the human rights of all people, including the right to a clean environment, underlie the foundation of society.


Crude Accountability’s mission is to protect the environmental and human rights of people in the Caspian and Black Sea regions and areas of Eurasia that are impacted by oil and gas development. We hold in high esteem the leadership and expertise of frontline communities and believe that local people are the best stewards of their environment. Crude Accountability also collaborates on the national, regional, and international levels with those committed to a just and environmentally sustainable world. 


Crude Accountability is committed to the principles of transparency, cooperation, and scientific inquiry. We acknowledge the systems of racial and economic injustice, including kleptocracy, which must be dismantled in order to bring social and environmental justice to communities most affected by environmental exploitation and the climate crisis.

We embrace people of all backgrounds and identities, and seek to foster a culture of inclusion and accessibility. We prioritize historically marginalized voices.

Crude Accountability headquarters are located on the traditional homeland of the Manahoac people in Virginia, USA. We wish to express our gratitude to the tribe and other Indigenous Peoples who have cared for and called this land home for millennia, and from whom these lands were stolen.

Crude Accountability does not accept funding from the petroleum industry. All of our funding comes from individuals and private foundations.