Karachaganak Field

Berezovka, Kazakhstan, a small village located on the edge of the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field in Western Kazakhstan Oblast, provides a clear example of environmental and social exploitation occurring in the Caspian region at the hands of western oil consortiums and corrupt officials. What is not typical about Berezovka is that the citizens are fighting back. Karachaganak is spewing toxins into their community, causing serious environmental and health damage among the residents. To stop this damage, a committed group of villagers created the public organization Zhasil Dala (Green Steppe) to fight for compensation and relocation to a safe and environmentally clean location of their choosing, which is their right, according to Kazakhstani law.

Armed with information, conviction, support from other Kazakhstani environmental organizations, and a solid partnership with Crude Accountability, the Berezovka villagers are challenging Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, BV, the oil consortium (British Gas, Chevron, ENI, LUKoil) active at the Field; the World Bank; and the government of Kazakhstan, which repeatedly turn the other way while the villagers’ civil and human rights are violated.

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