Mubadala Development Co.


Company Information
Mubadala Development Co. is the Abu Dhabi state-owned investment and development company.

Contact Information
PO Box 45005
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
T: +971 2 413 0000
F: +971 2 413 0001

Current Scope of Operations
Mubadala Development Co. was one of the companies shortlisted by the government of Turkmenistan in August 2010 to submit a proposal for developing offshore Blocks 9 and 20. In 2009, the company entered into a strategic alliance with ConocoPhillips (also shortlisted) with the intent to develop proposals together for contracts in Turkmenistan.[i] The two companies have experience working together in Kazakhstan, where in 2008 they won a bid to develop an offshore field approximately 30 km south-southwest of Aktau.[ii]

See the dossier on Petrofac for more information on Mubadala’s role in the development of the South Yolotan Field.

Mubadala was a “Silver Sponsor” of both the 2010 Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Conference and the 2012 Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Conference.[iii]


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