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Moscow, Russia, 119019
T: +7 495 777 77 07

Current Scope of Operations
Often listed as one of the companies interested in staking a claim in Turkmenistan, TNK-BP Vice President Yevgeny Astakhov announced in June 2007, following a meeting of company representatives with President Berdymukhammedov, that it would open an office in Turkmenistan.[i] That same month, Sergey Brezitsky, Executive Vice President, Upstream, TNK-BP refused to comment specifically on the company’s plans in Turkmenistan.[ii] In September 2007, Robert Dudley, TNK-BP’s President, acknowledged tentative interest in Turkmenistan, and made clear that TNK-BP would not compete directly with BP in its future endeavors.[iii] In 2008, the company again made public its interest in exploring opportunities in Turkmenistan, particularly at the country’s “onshore mature” fields, and reported that the company had opened an office in Turkmenistan.[iv] As of this printing, Crude Accountability has not yet confirmed the office address.


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