The global hydrocarbon market is known to be a breeding ground for corruption. Massive hydrocarbon profits are often used to line the pockets of a select few–oligarchs, presidents and their families, and close partners. Moreover, hydrocarbon profits frequently finance blatant human rights abuses, such as brutal prison systems, overreaching law enforcement, and aggressive military operations.

Kleptocratic governments and corrupt businesses do not function in a vacuum. International actors–corporations, governments, financial institutions, and intergovernmental bodies–knowingly or unknowingly subsidize kleptocratic regimes and corrupt business activities. 

To shed light on these issues, Crude Accountability and our partners research kleptocratic and corrupt activities by analyzing publicly available data. We use the evidence we find to shine a light on illicit activities and to hold perpetrators accountable.

Our projects include an in-depth report on kleptocracy in Turkmenistan, a unique dossier of companies profiting off Turkmenistan’s corrupt system, and also using existing accountability mechanisms to raise our concerns and hold oil and gas companies, investors, and governments responsible for their actions. 

Whether by knowingly participating in illicit activities or turning a blind eye to corruption and kleptocratic practices, international actors are complicit in human rights abuses and must take responsibility for their actions.