Calik Enerji


Company Information
Established in Turkey in 1998, Calik Enerji is focused on oil and gas, power systems and telecommunications.[i]

Contact Information
Yaşam Str. Ak Plaza No: 7 Floor: 17 PK 06510 Söğütözü – Ankara
T: + 90 312 207 71 00
F: + 90 312 207 71 71

Altin Asir Marketing Center Goroglu Str. No: 77, 744000 Ashgabat – Turkmenistan
T: +99 312 39 23 65
F: +993 12 35 49 90

History in Turkmenistan
The Calik Enerji Oil and Gas Group formed in 2001 to cover operations in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.[ii] Turkmenistan features prominently in its portfolio.

Since 2002, Calik Enerji has constructed the majority of the power plants in Turkmenistan, including the Turkmenbashi Refinery Power Plant.[iii] In July 2008, Calik Enerji was awarded a contract to build a 254-megawatt capacity natural gas turbine power plant in Turkmenistan’s western province of Balkanabat, which was scheduled for completion in March 2010.[iv]

In 2003, Calik Enerji and Houston-based Parker Drilling were awarded a three-year contract by State Concern Turkmenneft for two land rigs.[v] In June 2006, Calik Enerji completed a three-year drilling project in three of Turkmenistan’s onshore fields.[vi] During the period 2003-2009, Calik Enerji drilled twenty-six oil and gas wells at the Korpeje, Akpatlavuk, South Yolotan and South Gamishlija fields.[vii]

Current Scope of Operations
As of January 2011, Calik Enerji’s website reports that “upon the request of the State Petroleum Company of Turkmenistan, planning and project preparation activities related to the drilling of deep wells in the high-pressure oil and gas fields in Western Turkmenistan are being performed.”[viii]


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