Crude Accountability and the Working Group on Climate Justice of the Civic Solidarity Platform present a series of expert recommendations for the OSCE on climate issues from around the OSCE region.

Climate Change Impacts on Growing Water Scarcity in the Border Areas of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Alena Rickleton

Impact of Water Scarcity on Rural Communities in Azerbaijan

Rasul Alizada, Mahammad Zeynalli

Addressing the Increasing Threat of Wildfires in the Western United States and Beyond

Kyle Ferrar and Crude Accountability

Environmental injustice in Fosen

Anne Karam

Strengthening the Human Dimension of Climate Change in the OSCE’s Policy
Noa Roque,

Climate Migration and Adaptation: Recommendations for the OSCE
Gabriela Nagle Alverio,
Duke University

Methane in Turkmenistan & the Caspian Region
Aidan Kelly,
Crude Accountability

Fighting Wildfires in Russia: Climate Risks and Recommendations for their Prevention and Reduction

Maksim Rebechenko, activist

Environmental Activism in Russia: Challenges and Recommendations for Ensuring Freedom and Protection

Maksim Rebechenko, activist

Kazakhstan: a Just Energy Transition
for Local Communities

by Vadim Ni,

Environmental and climate law expert,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Social and Environmental Fund, Kazakhstan