We are pleased to offer a way for you to share your thoughts on Crude Accountability.  Below you can read some of the recent feedback we have received on our environmental justice campaigns in the Caspian.  Whether you’re a colleague, donor, supporter, oil company CEO, or a new friend, we invite you to read this commentary and share your thoughts on the value of Crude Accountability.

Leanne Grossman, Crude Accountability Board of Directors
Oakland, California, USA

Kate Watters leads Crude Accountability’s efforts with a strategic vision, commitment to actualizing human rights and dynamically adapting it all in a region that is dominated by war and the theft of resources and money from the people. Crude’s adaptability has allowed it to continue human rights and environmental work in the region.

Tom Mayne, Independent Researcher
London, United Kingdom
Crude Accountability is basically on the frontline in the fight against corruption and kleptocracy. The work that they do is vital, because it shines a light on how our companies and our governments are engaging with kleptocracies. Crude Accountability has managed to shine a light on where companies are just simply failing to live up to their promises.

Svetlana Anosova, Chairman, Public Association “Zhasyl dala”
Berezovka, Kazakhstan

Crude Accountability is a relatively young, but already quite experienced organization.  Our public association (at that time still an initiative group), had a lot to learn in 2002, and the role of Crude Accountability was critical in our coming into being.  It is difficult to identify a goal without an experienced teacher.  Crude Accountability was that sort of teacher for us.  During our years of partnership with the organization, we have learned a lot from its members—Michelle Kinman and Kate Watters.  Their optimism and confidence in the triumph of justice compel everyone who is near them to have the same feelings, and despite setbacks, to find new solutions.  There are endless examples of the merits that demonstrate that Crude Accountability is a trustworthy friend and partner with whom it makes sense to undertake serious tasks.  The hope for long-term mutual cooperation and support inspires us to the belief that together we will overcome all difficulties and achieve the lofty goals that have been given to us on behalf of the global community.

Andrey Zatoka, Environmental activist and member of the initial Crude Accountability Board of Directors
Dashoguz, Turkmenistan
It is awkward for me to compliment Crude Accountability because I’ve been involved in its activities.  But I must say that I am proud of my participation in its formation and work.  I remember how our international collaboration began—with ISAR’s “Seeds of Democracy” Program and then with its Caspian Program.   And I remember the stage when the main “motorists” of Caspian cooperation, Kate and Michelle, tried to attract and draw on the best activists and best ideas for a great cause—saving the living Caspian.  I am proud of the principles that we put together and have followed all of these years.  And the only thing that upsets me is that Crude is practically the only completely principled defender of a living Caspian.  And that there is still so very much to be done to save the Caspian, and that the possibilities are limited.

Sergey Solyanik, Environmental Activist
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Crude Accountability is unique in that it works to solve environmental problems of the Caspian region on the local and international levels: from support for local initiatives in defense of environmental human rights to participation in discussions about international agreements in defense of the Caspian Sea.  This enables them to fully engage in decision-making and to understand the situation throughout the Caspian region, as well as in individual countries.
Crude Accountability also plays an important role by providing local residents with an opportunity to bring their concerns to highly placed people who make decisions about environmentally dangerous projects in the countries of the Caspian region: representatives of the international financial institutions, and politicians in the USA and Europe.