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History in Turkmenistan
In August 2007, the head of BP’s exploration and production operations met with Berdymukhammedov to convey the company’s interest in developing projects in Turkmenistan.[i] In an August 28, 2008 letter to Crude Accountability, a representative of BP Exploration Operating Company Limited explained, “We are currently at a very early stage regarding our activities in Turkmenistan. We are fact finding and exploring the possibility of business opportunities.”[ii] Further indicating the company’s intention to begin working in Turkmenistan, BP was the sole “Platinum Sponsor,” the highest level of sponsorship, for the 13th Turkmenistan International Oil & Gas Conference, which took place in November 2008.[iii] In February 2009, BP announced that it was in discussions with the Government of Turkmenistan regarding a Production Sharing Agreement to develop several offshore blocks.[iv] In its June 2012 global energy reserves report, BP revealed that Turkmenistan now possesses more than 11% of the world’s proven oil reserves with 24.3 trillion cubic meters.[v]

Current Scope of Operations
While there have been no reports of BP securing any contracts in Turkmenistan, the company maintains a high profile in Turkmenistan. BP was the sole “Platinum Sponsor” of the 2010 Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Conference, a “Silver Sponsor” of the Turkmenistan Gas Conference in May 2011, and is the sole “Platinum Sponsor” of the 2012 Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Conference.[vi]


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