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Douglas E. Uchikura
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Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
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History in Turkmenistan
In June 2007, during a meeting of company officials with Berdymukhammedov, Chevron announced its intent to open an office in Turkmenistan.[i] At the April 2008 “Oil and Gas in Turkmenistan Conference” in London, Chevron Vice President Jay Pryor gave an address during which he enthusiastically praised President Berdymukhammedov and the government of Turkmenistan for their management of the country’s hydrocarbon resources, detailed Chevron’s involvement in other Caspian countries, and concluded by saying, “Chevron would be honored to be partners with the Turkmen people in hard work, care and respect as they embrace their country’s energy future.”[ii] Chevron established an office in the country in early 2008 and, later that year, sent a set of recommendations to President-elect Obama, including advice to strengthen “non-confrontational” ties with Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan in order to ensure that Caspian energy resources reach the international marketplace.[iii] In November 2009, Chevron announced that the company was in talks with the government of Turkmenistan regarding a possible role for Chevron in the development of the South Yolotan Field. At the same time, “U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State George Krol said Washington wanted Turkmenistan to allow its companies to invest in onshore deposits such as South Iolotan.”[iv]

Current Scope of Operations
In the first half of 2010, Chevron partnered with the US Agency for International Development to sponsor programs that provided training to Turkmen specialists in the fields of tourism and international accounting standards.[v] [vi] In May 2010, Chevron CEO John Watson publicly confirmed to Crude Accountability its intent to pursue contracts in Turkmenistan, adding “I think we can do some good in Turkmenistan” even though “we may not meet your standards.”[vii] In June 2010, Chevron participated in the first American business mission to Turkmenistan, as part of the US Turkmenistan Business Council.[viii]

In August 2010, Chevron was one of four companies shortlisted by the Government of Turkmenistan to submit a proposal for developing offshore Blocks 9 and 20.[ix] President Berdymukhammedov met with Chevron Vice President Jay Pryor in New York in September 2010 for a discussion on possible future collaboration; it was reported that both parties offered compliments of the other, and that the meeting was considered a positive step by both sides. Berdymukhammedov made special note of Chevron’s role in training Turkmen specialists.[x] A June 2012 meeting between Pryor and Berdymukhammedov has led to speculation that Chevron is a front-runner for involvement with the “TAPI” pipeline, which will run from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India.[xi] Chevron was one of the “Gold Sponsors” of the 2010 Turkmenistan International Oil and Gas Conference, was the only “Platinum Sponsor” of the 2011Turkmenistan Gas Conference, and was a “Gold Sponsor” of the 2012 Turkmenistan Oil and Gas Conference.[xii]


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