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Impacted Children Continue to Be Removed from the Village of Berezovka

Today six children were admitted to the local clinic from the school and were diagnosed with dizziness, nausea, high blood pressure and abdominal pain.  Three of the children were among those who suffered and were hospitalized on November 28th.  Three of the children were evacuated by KPO ambulances to the hospital in Aksai. A mobile environmental monitoring station was taking measurements next to the school. Magaz Suyndykov, the doctor at the Berezovka clinic, made a brief comment to the press stating that it was difficult to make a diagnosis of the children admitted to the clinic.

The population is extremely upset about what is going on and the condition of their children, and believes that the source of the problem is the emissions from the field. People are absolutely sure that the residents of Berezovka need to be relocated away from their dangerous proximity to the Karachaganak Field.


Sergey Solyanik, Crude Accountability

Photos: Samat Urnaliev