Appeal to KPO


August 22, 2005

Paulo Campelli
General Director
Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, B.V.
418440, Republic of Kazakhstan
Western Kazakhstan Oblast
Burlinsky Raion
Aksai, Industrial Zone

Dear Mr. Campelli:

Through various media publications, it has come to the attention of the Ecological Society “Green Salvation” that a Memorandum on Mutual Understanding was signed by the Republic of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Akim of Western Kazakhstan Oblast, and the international consortium Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, B.V. (KPO). As noted in a statement by A. Samakova, Minister of Environmental Protection, “the signed document should ensure the transparency of environmental protection measures implemented by major enterprises in the region” (Panorama 25, 1/7/2005). Moreover, in accordance with a statement by your company, “KPO has been demonstrating world-class environmental performance by drawing upon best practices used by all four of its partner companies. KPO aims to be recognised as a leader among the country’s petroleum industry in the area of environment.” (Press release: KPO Confirms Its Commitment to Environment Protection, 29/6/2005).

The Ecological Society “Green Salvation” welcomes KPO’s intention to improve the transparency of its own environmental protection activities! A first genuine step in the right direction would be for KPO, aspiring to environmental leadership, to publish the text of the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding. The implementation of environmental protection measures has a direct impact on the state of the environment and the health of local residents, who have the right to know of planned environmental protection measures, as guaranteed by national legislation and international obligations adopted by the Republic of Kazakhstan. Therefore, KPO has an excellent chance to demonstrate its goodwill and sincere aspirations for transparency, and to serve as an example to other companies in the Republic’s oil and gas sector.

As such, we request that you publish the Memorandum on Mutual Understanding or send the text to the Ecological Society “Green Salvation” for publication and distribution among the country’s public organizations.

Our mailing address is:
050000, Republic of Kazakhstan
Ul. Shagabutdinova 58-38

Thank you in advance!

S. Kuratov
Chair of the Ecological Society “Green Salvation”