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Crude Accountability is featured in new documentary series


Crude Accountability is proud to be featured in new documentary series, “Then came…, me?”. In the first episode of the series, award-winning film-maker Mark Warford talks to Crude Accountability director Kate Watters about the 15-year long fight for human rights in the village of Berezovka, Kazakhstan.

The episode featuring the story of Berezovka is the first in the series documenting the stories of individuals and communities fighting to protect human and environmental rights to make a difference for themselves and for others. Accompanied by two animated side-kicks, Warford travels the world to find out what it takes for people to step up to protect their rights and the rights of somebody else.

You can watch the first episode of “Then came.., me?”, Soon We Will Know, featuring Crude Accountability, on Youtube: https://youtu.be/xLkCZdL-zp4 The entire series is scheduled to be released on Netflix and other streaming services in 2019. You can also learn more about the series, “Then came…, me?” on Mark Warford’s website: www.markwarford.com.

“Imagine waking up to pounding headaches and respiratory illness; imagine your children convulsing in their classrooms; imagine centuries of culture being decimated at the hands of multi-national corporations; imagine corruption and intimidation being met with steadfast determination and bravery the likes of which cannot be stressed enough. […] I am so very proud to share this powerful and emotive story as the first in a series of insights designed to realign our expectations of each other,” says the film director Mark Warford about the episode.

Award-winning director, journalist, and activist Mark Warford is recognized for documenting the important social and environmental issues of our time in his films and publications. Warford’s career also has involved serving in a range of environmental and news organizations, including being a past member of the board of directors of Crude Accountability.