Crude Accountability

Crude Accountability is an environmental and human rights nonprofit organization that works with communities in the Caspian and Black Sea regions, who battle threats to local natural resources and the negative impacts on their health. Crude Accountability works on the local, national, regional, and international levels in partnership with active communities and organizations committed to a just and environmentally sustainable world. Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Crude Accountability also collaborates with environmental organizations in the United States working on similar issues.

Relocation of Berezovka
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Prove They Are Alive!
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Protect the Kuban river basin
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Report on Kashagan Project Failures and Consequences Published

Crude Accountability presents the report, “The Kashagan Oil Bubble. The Case of an...

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Civil Society Organizations Announce Report about Harassment against Activists

Today, Earth Day, Crude Accountability and Ecoforum of NGOs, Kazakhstan announce our forthcoming...

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EBRD Postpones Decision on Risky CMI Offshore Project in Turkmenistan

Washington DC—In response to an international campaign led by US NGO Crude Accountability, the...

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Help local activists protect the Caspian ecosystem and fight human rights violations committed by international corporations and regional governments.

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