New Report Alert: “Politically Motivated? The Story of Dmitry Leus”

[Linden, VA] – Crude Accountability is proud to release its latest report, “Politically Motivated? The Story of Dmitry Leus.” This compelling report tells the intriguing story of Dmitry Leus, a little-known banker, originally from Turkmenistan, who was imprisoned in Russia on money laundering charges before making his way to the United Kingdom, where he recently obtained citizenship.

Dmitry Leus’s story is a case study that highlights the enabling environments in the West as much as the uncontrolled banking industry in Russia and Central Asia during the 2000s. Additionally, it serves as a stark reminder of the authoritarian regime in Turkmenistan, one of the world’s most closed and repressive nations.

The captivating and twisted story of Dmitry Leus unfolded against the backdrop of severe repression in Turkmenistan that has affected civil society activists, government officials, and their families and continues to this day. At the same time, a select few manage to do well for themselves, amassing fortunes in the West, hobnobbing with elites, and building good reputations, with ample help from Western financial services, PR agencies, and law firms. 

“The case of Dmitry Leus highlights concerns about authoritarianism and repression, but also about how the West is culpable in not only allowing dodgy dealers to engage with the West, but also to thrive,” commented Kate Watters, executive director of Crude Accountability. “Our report raises questions about the numerous institutions that make this possible.”  

This report is the first in a series by Crude Accountability that will shed light on figures from Eurasia whose activities are facilitated by Western institutions failing to effectively monitor questionable financial and economic dealings.

Read the report HERE.


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