correspondence Karachaganak Kazakhstan

Zhasil Dala Appeal To The General Prosecutor Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

Crude Accountability’s partner organization in Berezovka, Kazakhstan has requested an official investigation and assistance in the case of newly formed sinkholes in and around the village.

The Public Association “Zhasil Dala”
090360, Republic of Kazakhstan, Western Kazakhstan Oblast
Burlinsky Raion, Village of Berezovka
ul. Dostyk, No.7
Tel.: 8(71133) 23220

010000, Astana, ul. Orynbor, 8 (House of Ministers), podezd No. 2

Prosecutor of Western Kazakhstan Oblast
Uralsk, ul. Zh. Moldagakieva, 23

Prosecutor of Burlinsky Raion
Aksai, ul. K. Shakenova, 6

No. 04
January 13, 2011

The public association “Zhasil Dala” requests that urgent measures be taken to investigate and liquidate the emergency situation that is threatening the life and property of N. E. Demesheva, a resident of the village of Berezovka (Burlinksy Raion, Western Kazakhstan Oblast).  The village of Berezovka is located in the Sanitary Protection Zone of the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field.

On January 11, 2011, Ms. Demesheva submitted to a written appeal to Zhasil Dala, in which she reported that at the end of December 2010 a sinkhole appeared in the earth underneath her house and has been increasing in size on a daily basis.  Her repeated appeals to local authorities and to the Raion Department of Emergency Situations have not been favorably resolved. The only result was that a truck of soil was delivered to her so that she could fill in the sinkhole herself.

A copy of Demesheva’s appeal and the Examination Act of from January 5, 2011 are attached.

The failure to conduct the required investigation into the cause of the hole under Demesheva’s home [the Berezovka resident whose house is at risk] and the inaction of government bodies create a dangerous threat to her family.  It is a violation of her rights, which are guaranteed by the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The fact that the village of Berezovka and Demesheva’s house are situated close to the Karachaganak Field raises particular concern. It is a well-established fact that the formation of sinkholes happens during the development of oil and gas fields.  Recently, Berezovka residents discovered two wide holes in the earth 1.5 kilometers from the village.  This fact must also be investigated, as rumors have begun to circulate among the villagers that the village itself will soon fall into a hole.

Therefore, Zhasil Dala requests that urgent measures be undertaken to investigate this dangerous situation and resolve the problem.

S. Ya. Anosova
Chair of the Public Association “Zhasil Dala”

Translated by Crude Accountability