Karachaganak Kazakhstan

The Company KPO Continues to Violate Environmental Norms of Western Kazakhstan Oblast

April 17, 2009

Uralsk. April 17, 2009. KAZINFORM/Gaisagali Eraly/

The company, “Karachaganak Petroleum Operating, B.V.” continues to violate environmental safety norms in Western Kazakhstan Oblast, reports a correspondent of Kazinform.

As Moldagali Uapov, the Environmental Protection Prosecutor for Western Kazakhstan Oblast stated, last year, the company was fined by the government 1 billion, 840 million tenge as compensation for damages caused by exceeding the norms for emissions of toxic substances into the atmosphere. [15 million, 300 thousand USD, translator note].

According to the results of a joint assessment conducted by the affiliates of the Western Kazakhstan Oblast Uralsk-Caspian Department of Ecology and the Oblast Inspection of Land Use and Geology of the Territorial Inter-regional Department “Zapkaznedra,” in this year, the company has paid 8.5 billion tenge. Of this, around four billion is for pollution of the atmosphere, and over five hundred million tenge is for violating land use regulations.

In addition, the company has twice come to the attention of the administrative office responsible for analogous violations, when it was fined 4.09 billion tenge.

Translated by Crude Accountability