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Letter of Thanks from Evgeniia Zatoka

To our friends, who did not abandon us when we were in trouble

This is Evgeniia Zatoka again coming over the airwaves!

I only just realized that the last three days I was in Turkmenistan, after the decisive visit with the staff of the isolation ward, I quietly disappeared: I did not write much about what was going on and sent only short text messages about the date of the regional court case, on the decision of the court to commute Andrey’s sentence to a fine, about the urgent packing of our things, and the even more urgent departure from the country. Why didn’t I write more fully? I was afraid to risk the real liberation of Andrey and there was simply no time and no place. So, now from the interviews, which Andrey has been giving in Moscow, all the details of his liberation and deportation are clear.

Andrey and I are re-acclimating little by little to free life. I’ll tell you straight: it is not easy, and it takes time. But today I sat down at the computer again in order to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helped us. It was really difficult and terrifying for me there. But, I knew that I was not alone. Our friends from Turkmenistan were with me—I bow deeply before you—you saved me in the hardest of days. I knew about the enormous support of public organizations and activists in Russia, the former Soviet Union, Europe and America. I knew that my family, our friends, the Russian embassy and the Russian authorities, caring people and official representatives of many countries around the world were supporting me.
It was precisely that confidence in your support that helped me hang on.

Yours always,
Evgeniia Zatoka