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Two People Were Killed in Western Kazakhstan Oblast as the Result of Poisoning by an Unknown Substance

Kazakhstan Today
Uralsk, Kazakhstan
February 27, 2007

Two guards from the “Bek Security” firm, working at the Karachaganak Field in Western Kazakhstan Oblast, died as a result of poisoning from an unknown chemical substance. This was reported to our agency by the Oblast Department of State Sanitary Epidemiological Oversight.

The accident took place on February 23. Both of the victims were taken in serious condition to the Raion hospital in Aksai where they passed away, never regaining consciousness.

Thus far, specialists have not succeeded in establishing the cause of the poisoning. According to epidemiological data, laboratory research has ruled out intestinal infection, and additional toxicological research shows that the deaths were the result of poisoning by a chemical substance, the etiology of which is as of yet undetermined. Supposedly, it is denatured alcohol.

The Burlinsky Raion Public Prosecutor has opened a criminal investigation into the case.

Translation by Crude Accountability