The FSB Searches for Andrey Rudomakha, Leader of Environmental Watch, on the Basis of a Certain “Look”

The police have come for the leader of Environmental Watch, based on illegal tapping of his phone.

On October 10, around 2:30PM representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (apparently, staff of the Center in the Fight Against Extremism) attempted to enter the office of the Krasnodar regional department of the Yabloko party, saying that they needed Andrey Rudomakha, who is the representative of the regional department of the party and the coordinator of Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus.  They also demanded to enter the building.  Andrey Rudomakha was in the office today, but he left for business in another city.

Office staff refused to let the police in because they did not have any of the documents required for carrying out operational investigative activities indoors.

After being refused entry into the office, the “law enforcement officials” called their boss.  During the phone call, one of the police officers let slip that the enforcement group was at the Yabloko office after the “appearance of the FSB and as the result of secretly listening to Andrey Rudomakha’s telephone.”

The employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said the following, “Chief, I am on this job. I talked with the guys from the “gray building” and they are sure that the billing comes from here….He is here…On the FSB job….We are assured that the citizen is in Anapa.  I spoke by phone with the FSB staffer.  He is sure that the phone calls are coming from this address.”

At around 2:45 PM the police went down the stairs from the door to the Yabloko office, promising they would “soon return” with the necessary documents allowing them to come inside.

The reason for this strange investigation of Andrey Rudomakha is unclear.  He did not receive any summons from the FSB.

This incident demonstrates that there is a new pursuit of Environmental Watch and its leadership, this time, from the FSB.  Environmental Watch was previously investigated thoroughly as part of the campaign against “foreign agents” when the Department of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Adygei came after them.  Environmental Watch is actively struggling against environmental and legal violations, and various “law enforcement agencies” disrupt the organization’s work, doing everything possible to prevent it from working properly.

Environmental Watch will clarify what claims the FSB has against its leadership and will also investigate the basis for eavesdropping on its telephones.

Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus

Link to the video of the police conversation: 

Видео с разговором полицейского

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