What We Do

The overall goal of this project is to conduct an objective analysis of the real social-economic, political, and environmental situation related to Chinese investment in Central Asia.

At Crude Accountability, we collect and analyze information about existing and planned investment projects by China in the oil and gas sector in Central Asia. Gathering information comes from open sources on the Internet and in the media, and from surveying local experts and NGO representatives.

We sent information requests to the state bodies of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. We use the provisions of the Aarhus Convention, which both Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan signed. The Aarhus Convention stipulates that information about the impact on the environment of existing and planned oil and gas projects must be open and that the projects must be discussed with the public.

We also gather information from communities in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan impacted by oil and gas projects involving Chinese investments and get first-hand data on current state of socio-economic and environmental aspects of Chinese projects.

Drawing on many years of experience working with compliance mechanisms of IFIs, we also work with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank to engage in the discussion of the policies of the bank for cooperation with civil society.