Monitoring Environmental Concerns related to Oil and Gas Development in Turkmenistan

In 2017, Crude Accountability led an international campaign to demand transparency and accountability from the EBRD on financing an environmentally and politically dangerous CMI Offshore project in Turkmenistan.

Crude Accountability has issued two reports on the environmental situation in Turkmenistan, with a particular focus on oil and gas development. Following the assessment by the international consulting firm, Gaffney Cline, that Turkmenistan’s South Yolotan natural gas field is among the largest in the world, international petroleum companies have been increasingly interested in Turkmenistan’s hydrocarbon reserves. Crude Accountability’s reports are among the only studies of the environmental impacts of petroleum development—and the existing environmental risks—to have been published in the west. Download Turkmenistan’s Crude Awakening: Oil, Gas and Environment in the South Caspian (January, 2009) and Environmental Risks in the Era of Hydrocarbon Development in Turkmenistan (September 2007).

Crude Accountability is actively campaigning to stop western oil companies from investing in Turkmenistan until the country’s deplorable human rights record demonstrably improves. The western oil companies currently most actively courting Turkmenistan’s government include Germany’s RWE and California-based Chevron. We attended the 2010 Shareholder Meeting of the Chevron Corporation in Houston, Texas, and delivered our concerns regarding Turkmenistan to the company’s CEO, Board of Directors, and shareholders. To read the text of our statement and a summary of Chevron’s response, read here.

In June 2010, the United States sent its first trade delegation to Turkmenistan under the Berdymukhammedov regime. Among the corporations present were Chevron, ExxonMobil, Conoco Phillips, Caterpillar and Deere.i In addition to corporate representatives, a US State Department delegation was led simultaneously in Turkmenistan by Under Secretary Robert Blake, who talked of progress under the Berdymukhammedov regime.ii