Crude Accountability, Saving Taman! and Environmental Watch on the North Caucasus (EWNC) are working together to stop the development of oil and gas transport terminals on the Taman Peninsula in southwestern Russia. The Russkiy Mir Oil Terminal, currently under construction, has received over $100 million from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the private investment arm of World Bank. The project is threatening local communities by destroying their most productive fishing grounds, polluting the air, water and soil and undermining the existing economy, which is based on fishing, tourism and agriculture. The Taman Peninsula is a traditional, isolated community, which is being dramatically changed in negative ways by the development of the IFC-funded Russkiy Mir project.

The terminal is being constructed a stone’s throw from the village of Volna, a fishing town on the Black Sea. Extending out into the sea, the terminal was built on the site of one of the most productive fisheries on the peninsula. Local fishermen are concerned that they will be unable to make a living through fishing as the construction phase of the project finishes and moves toward actual transport of oil and gas. During the current construction phase, industrial sized trucks transport construction materials to the site, destroying the existing roads on the peninsula. Large potholes, destroyed asphalt and the noise and dust from the trucks have damaged the quality of life of the villagers up and down the peninsula. Concerns for the future include worries about air quality, water pollution and soil contamination as the oil and gas are loaded onto tankers; water pollution; seepage from railcars, storage tanks and the tankers themselves; and environmental health concerns related to the enormous quantity of petroleum products that will be stored and transported through the area. And, of course, concerns about an oil spill are very real.

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In 2010, Crude Accountability produced Taman: The Edge of the World, a short documentary film, which was made and directed by Karen B. Song. The film has been shown to audiences on Taman, in Washington, DC and in Los Angeles.

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