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Kazakhstani Doctors Recognize the Children of Berezovka, Kazakhstan are Seriously Ill, But Do Not Offer Appropriate Treatment

Today, June 1, International Children’s Day, Crude Accountability, the international coalition, Children or Oil? and the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights and the Rule of Law remember the untenable situation in which the children of Berezovka, Kazakhstan find themselves. Suffering from toxic emissions from the Karachaganak Oil and Gas...Read More »

Tragedy of Berezovka Children Highlights Shameful Lending Practices of the IFC

An important development in the story of the children of Berezovka, Kazakhstan, who were poisoned by toxic emissions, raises questions about the World Bank’s redress mechanisms. Toxic exposure from an accident at the Karachaganak Oil and Gas Condensate Field, resulted in a diagnosis of toxic encephalopathy for children from Western...Read More »

Children of Berezovka are Diagnosed with Toxic Encephalopathy

Poisoned children from the Kazakhstani village of Berezovka are diagnosed with toxic encephalopathy. Doctors say the likely cause of poisoning is hydrocarbons and their fumes. In March 2018, Albina Iskakova and Alina Kusmangaliyeva of Berezovka, Kazakhstan were examined at the Semashko Children’s Center for Diagnosis and Treatment, one of the most...Read More »

Third-year anniversary of the Berezovka tragedy

These days mark the third-year anniversary of the mass poisoning by toxic emissions of the Berezovka children. For the past three years, children have continued to suffer from loss of consciousness, headaches, seizures, numbness of the extremities and other symptoms of a serious disease—toxic encephalopathy. That was a diagnosis received...Read More »

Children of Berezovka: It Is Time to Help!

Today, International Children’s Day, Crude Accountability and the Children or Oil Coalition are launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money in support of medical assistance to children from the village of Berezovka, who were harmed by toxic emissions from the Karachaganak oil and gas condensate field on November 28, 2014. Every...Read More »

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