10 Things About Crude

  1. Crude Accountability is the only nonprofit organization in the United States focused on environmental and human rights in petroleum-impacted communities in the vast Caspian Sea region, comprising Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Azerbaijan.
  2. Crude Accountability launches environmental and human rights campaigns in the region only upon invitation by local citizens. We take every step of our campaigns closely with our local partners; those who are facing environmental injustice firsthand know what is best for their communities.
  3. Thanks to Crude Accountability’s campaign to stop construction of the Russkiy Mir oil and gas terminal on Russia’s Taman Peninsula, the company building the terminal, Tamanneftegas, has created an environmental working group that includes local community members. The company also contributes financial resources to the community on an annual basis.
  4. As a result of an official complaint by Crude Accountability, the World Bank Group found its private lending arm out of compliance with air emissions monitoring standards at the Karachaganak oil and gas field in Kazakhstan.
  5. Crude Accountability publishes in-depth analysis on the impact of the petroleum industry in the Caspian region, including reports on Turkmenistan, one of the world’s most closed countries. All our reports are available on our website.
  6. Crude Accountability boasts a Board of Directors from the United States and the Caspian Sea region, with expertise in corporate accountability, nonprofit development, media outreach, environmental science, and regional politics.
  7. Crude Accountability’s staff—based in Alexandria, Virginia and Almaty, Kazakhstan—has been working in the former Soviet Union, with a focus on environmental issues in the Caspian region, since the early 1990s.
  8. Crude Accountability’s staff is trained in the United States EPA-recognized Bucket Brigade air monitoring methodology, enabling us to participate in an international monitoring network with communities from Ohio to California, Ireland to India, and now including Crude Accountability’s partners in Kazakhstan and Russia.
  9. Crude Accountability does not accept funding from the petroleum industry. All of our funding comes from individuals and private foundations. You can join us! To contribute to and become a partner in Crude Accountability’s fight for environmental justice, click here!
  10.  Why should you care? The US consumes 25 percent of the world’s oil demand, although we comprise only 4 percent of the world’s population. US oil giant Chevron is the single largest private company operating in Kazakhstan, and western oil giants Exxon, Shell, ENI and others are significant players in the Caspian region.